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  • Are There Risks to Using Social Media in Litigation?

    Even though you might believe that your account is private and you have ensured your privacy settings are switched on, you may be surprised to learn that your social media posts are not actually private. Social media has quickly become an instrumental tool in litigation, in many different types of cases such as personal injury, criminal charges, family law matters, employment law, and much more. ...
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  • The Right for Grandparents to Provide Kinship Care

    Kinship care is the right for family members and extended family , such as the child’s grandparents, to step in and take care of the children. This can happen if, for any reason, the parent is unable to provide for the child. It may be due to the loss of one’s job, problems with drug or alcohol abuse, or other circumstances that would not make it possible for them to provide proper care to their ...
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