What to Say After a Motor Vehicle Accident

The number one rule after a motor vehicle accident is do not give a statement to any insurance company about the accident until you have spoken to a qualified attorney. There are no exceptions to this rule. You, or someone on your behalf, should report the accident to your own insurance company as soon as practical. But you do not want to give a statement about the accident. This can be difficult when you are interviewed by the police officer at the scene of the accident or shortly thereafter at the hospital.The issue is, and it is important to understand, that any statement admitting you violated the traffic laws at the time of the accident may bar you from receiving a monetary recovery for any injuries you suffered. This typically occurs where a driver tells the police officer or others that they were “doing close to the speed limit, maybe a little more.” In Virginia, exceeding the speed limit can be found to be contributory negligence, which will prevent you from a monetary recovery for your injuries.

What do you do? You could refuse to speak with the police officer; however, doing so may create a tense situation and lead to unwelcomed consequences. The best way to handle this, if you believe you are not at fault in causing the accident, is to provide a brief statement about how the accident happened and nothing more. The bottom line is, say as little as possible until you speak with an attorney familiar with the laws relating to personal injuries!