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John J. Davies III

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Attorney John J. Davies III

Culpeper Attorney Committed to Excellence

Meet Culpeper attorney John “Butch” J. Davies III of Davies, Barrell, Will, Lewellyn & Edwards, PLC. Born and raised in Culpeper, VA, Butch returned to his native town after graduating from University of Richmond Law School. With managing partner, Charlie Barrell, Butch founded the firm in 1974. In over 40 years of practice, Butch has worked in almost every area of law.

Butch’s deep knowledge of Zoning law has made him Culpeper’s go-to expert. He represents developers, land owners, tenant and investor clients in all kinds of land use matters, from simple use permits to rezoning. Decades of political work, including eight years in the state legislature and eight years on the Commonwealth Legislative Board, has given him an inside understanding of Government that gives his clients an advantage.

Butch is devoted to his community and has served on scores of business, professional, government and civic Boards and Committees. His extraordinary community involvement has earned him countless awards and accolades. In short, Butch is known throughout the community as a man who makes things happen.

"Thank you for your work on our project. Your connections in our community are truly amazing. What a great result!” N. D.




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