You Deserve Exceptional Legal Counsel

Each case that we take on is extremely important to us. As such, we will not hand your case off to a paralegal nor will we treat you as just another case number. We will limit the number of cases that we take on each year in order to allow your case to fully develop. This unmatched approach affords our clients the greatest opportunity to achieve the most favorable case outcome possible. We will devote every available hour and resource into the preparation of your case for trial. We will learn and develop each detail of your case. For more than four decades, we have studied the art of negotiation. As such, you can be confident that we know how to win. Whether we win in court or through a negotiated settlement, we will use our extensive experience in order to achieve your goals in the timeliest manner possible.

A client’s case is not an event. Rather, it is an episode in a person’s life. At the outset, we advise a client who to talk to and who not to talk to. Along the way, we advise the client what actions to take and what actions not to take. Finally, as trial approaches, we advise our clients how to deal with the various related aspects of depositions and trial. At each phase in this process we steer clients safely through a difficult situation. This ensures the client’s interests are protected and the outcome is successful.