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Corporate Litigation and Business Lawyers in Culpeper, VA

Experienced Culpeper Business Lawyers Clients Can Rely On

Davies, Barrell, Will, Lewellyn & Edwards, PLC has the knowledge and resources to counsel businesses in all aspects of their operations, from inception through closure and in any litigation that ensues. Large and small businesses across central and Virginia trust our more than four decades of corporate law experience to guide them through the complexities of running a company.


Our business formation lawyers thoroughly explain the benefits and disadvantages, including those related to taxes, of every available option. We work closely with your tax advisor. Often a new business begins with the purchase of another business. We combine our extensive corporate law and real estate experience in assisting clients in the purchase and sale of existing businesses
of all types and sizes.

Our Culpeper business lawyers represent business clients in:

  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Corporate formation and operation
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Joint ventures
  • Financing
  • Building or acquiring office space and facilities

Operation & Maintenance

Once formed, businesses require additional legal support to flourish. We get to know our business clients and their goals and devise workable strategies to help achieve them.
Our services include assistance with:

  • Bylaws
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Real-estate purchase/lease
  • Equipment leases
  • Assistance raising capital, financing
  • Employee contracts
  • Compensation and profit-sharing plans
  • Customer and vendor contracts
  • Restructuring
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sale and purchase of stock and assets
  • Collaboration with tax and accounting professionals

Our litigation skills are invaluable in drafting and providing counseling on contracts and agreements that protect client interests and comply with state and federal laws and regulations. These skills also are fundamental in assisting clients with risk management strategies that avoid future litigation.


When a business needs to be dissolved through owner buy-outs, retirement, sale of the business, or similar events, our firm provides services to aid in the transition. We have overseen the purchase and sale of countless businesses and professional practices. We can help dissolve companies, resolve outstanding contract disputes, and handle corporate reorganizations.


When litigation arises at any stage in a business’s existence, we have the knowledge and trial experience to protect clients’ interests and achieve optimal results. We handle business disputes through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and vigorous litigation in court as dictated by the facts of each case. We offer clients creative strategies based on years in corporate law.

Our business litigation practice includes:

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Violation of non-compete agreements
  • Violation of non-disclosure agreements
  • Real estate litigation

There is no surer way to protect a business’s interests than with the guidance of the Culpeper business law attorneys Davies, Barrell, Will, Lewellyn & Edwards, PLC.

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